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Battis Field
26 Jackson Street – Middleboro, Ma.



A brief history of the field shows that in response to a request the Board of Selectmen of Middleboro, on September 20, 1939, granted a twenty-year permit to the local School Committee to enclose, with the exclusive right and privilege to use, a portion of the premises leased to the town by the Trustees under the will of Thomas S. Peirce.


Construction of the playing surface was started with NYA and student labor under the supervision of Mr. [Henry] Battis. An enclosing fence was made possible by the Trustees of the Peirce estate and all home games were played on the field during the season of 1940.


During the summer of 1941 the field house was moved to the area from the hockey rink and will be developed for the serving of refreshments and the convenience of patrons at the games.

Also, during the summer of 1941, with some lumber from the old Union Street School, and some financial help from the Trustees, the bleachers on the west side of the field were constructed by Mr. Battis. A press box has been built above the top row of bleachers for the accommodation of the press and the operation of the public address system in assisting patrons in following the progress of the games.

At the dedication a flagpole and flag were presented by the Kiwanis Club and Mr. Battis was the recipient of a wristwatch from the student body and faculty of the school.


These words of dedication, I believe, express the sentiment of the citizens of our town.


"In appreciation of his devotion to his work with the youth of Middleboro, his efficient and enlarged program of Physical Education, his high standard of true sportsmanship, and his vision and untiring personal effort in planning and building the football field, the School Committee of Middleboro do this day dedicate this field as Battis Field."

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